“Words are wonderfully powerful things. They allow us to engage with the world, even in ways that may seem inferior and unimportant. Words are beautiful, and resonate with a strength that we often fail to appreciate.”

Two things have happened to me in the past week that allowed me to experience the value of words.

Over the weekend I observed a vigil of silence for 24 hours. The thoughts that occurred to me about language during that time are written up in my short essay “Observations on Silence”.

Today, the Winter 2009 edition of Luciole Press went live. Along with the usual wonderland of art, poetry, prose and philosophy, my article on manic depression “Touched With Fire” is also featured. So far, I have had a lot of positive feedback and for that I am very thankful. I’m glad my words have meaning beyond my small experiences. My only wish is that I could share my story with my family. Maybe one day.