So between the manic depression and the pigeon culling issues, things seem a little bleak here. So the time has come to share some joy. Along with my partner, I share my home with some other people.

milliejan09Miss Millie

I love hamsters. Over the past five years, I have taken on 4 hamsters (Buttons, Gir, Polar Bear and Millicent). I think buying pets is immoral, especially small animals like rodents who are bred in huge numbers and killed if they get too old to be replaced with younger animals that sell.

My hamsters have all come to me as unwanted pets, mostly from animal rescue centres. Millicent was slightly different. I was browsing a pet shop and saw that she was isolated from the others. I enquired, and discovered that she was 12 weeks old, and “too old to be a pet” – I shouldn’t have to explain what that means. So I asked if I could have her. And here she is.

She can be handled, but clearly finds it distressing. Miss Millie is the first hamster I’ve had that seems to enjoy wheel running – personally it doesn’t appeal to me at all! She has quite a small appetite.

What I love most about Miss Millie is that she is feisty. The cat has yet to get one over on her. >_<

As she is the youngest hamster to have joined our family,  I hope she’ll be with us for a good few years.


Born of a feral farm cat, Dougal came to us in 2007.

He was originally going to be called Erwin, but when he was a kitten he reminded me more of Dougal from Father Ted.

He wastes food, and has a fixation with pissing behind my television. When he purrs, he’s like a little furry motor. He furs all of my partner’s clothes, but only furs my bras. (he likes to sleep in my bra box)

Dougal spends most of his nights outside, and usually saunters in covered in cuts. I often worry that I am the parent of a delinquent: you know the type, parents who say “My boy is a good boy”, while said child is out beating up old ladies.

He likes to watch Top Gear, which is awesome because I do too. He also likes to kiss people right after eating his dinner, which isn’t awesome at all. He acts tough, but two weeks ago I watched him interact with a spider – the spider was the size of an ant, yet Dougal’s hackles were up and he was spitting and hissing. My hero?

Dougal is also a bit of a Cassanova. In spite of being neutered, he still tries. Bless him and his inactive seed.