The wheel of the year is turning, and I’m glad I live in a partially rural area.

Yesterday I visited one of our local farm shops and found that all of the expectant ewes had been brought in. In a few weeks, there will be the pitter-patter of tiny hoofed feet. I really like lambs. I really like sheep. I have a soft spot for most farm animals. They get a raw deal most of the time – are treated as commodities rather than sentient beings.

It does bother me that people get upset at the passing of a pet, or get angry over a news story depicting animal abuse, yet will quite happily tuck into animal flesh. It bugs me more when this consumption is done disrespectfully, without even a thought of thanks to the animal that died for your meal. Farm animals can be subjected to horrendous abuse, all to make meat a cheaper product.

I’d like to ask anybody who reads this to perhaps make a visit to their local farm, and just see the animals for yourselves. Go and interact with them. If you take photos, share them! Domestic animals are wonderful, and deserving of a little more appreciation.

I’ll be revisiting the farm in a few weeks, so hopefully I’ll have some photos of the newly-born lambs.