Feral PigeonIf I have any regular readers (ha ha), you must be sick of hearing me talk about pigeons!

My local council has approved the spending of £5,000 on the control of the pigeon population – the reasoning being that pigeon guano WILL KILL YOU!

This is nonsense of course. But never let the facts get in the way of rampant animal abuse. The truth is that while pigeon poo does contain a lot of nasty things, the only chance you have of contracting any of these diseases is if you are totally surrounded by dried crap and do not have proper safety gear on. Those of us with average pigeon contact have little to fear. It’s more likely that you’ll develop a nut allergy and drop dead munching on cashews.

Sadly the chances of me being able to convince the people of West Dunbartonshire that pigeons are actually quite lovely is very slim. The £5,000 will be squandered. So I am focusing my efforts on making sure that the council doesn’t opt for culling, and instead opts for more rational and compassionate methods – reducing their food supply and taking eggs from nests.

Expect to hear me complain about this more in the upcoming weeks. And show your local pigeons some love!