Today, I headed out to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum to view the new Doctor Who exhibition, which will be running till January. You can see me up there, totally having a geekgasm with my favourite sci-fi villains. I may have severely embarrassed by comrades with my squealing!

It was lots of fun, and I had the chance to geek-out in a spectacular fashion. There were cuts from episodes being screened to put the displays in context. Also there some samples of the creative process, such as mock-ups of the artists’ studio, concept sketches and an example of an ood mask being made – as an artist that really appealed to me. A few animated displays were available  and  I also had the chance to see some cybermen up close – I love the cybermen. I kept setting off the display so I could hear them talk!

Sadly, lots of things let me and my comrades down. For starters, it costs £7.50 to get in, plus a booking fee (even when you buy your tickets at the door!) and only takes about an hour to view.  A few of the displays were broken – including the cybermen’s leader! The entrance to the exhibit was especially disappointing – I won’t spoil it, but it was a half-hearted attempt at recreating something that was genuinely scary in the TV series. Finally, you weren’t allowed to touch anything. I dislike it when you can’t interact with exhibitions, especially when you are overcharged for the privilege. For £7.50 per person, and hell a lot of people will go, I expect to see the Doctor dancing about in the scud.

I am not the world’s biggest Doctor Who fan, but I had been looking forward to this exhibition for a very long time. And now I am left feeling disappointed. To be blunt, it was a total fucking rip-off and I will be making a formal complaint. My biggest issue being the high price of the ticket, and the unnecessary booking fee.

However, I wouldn’t have not gone to see it. How could I miss out on a chance to see my beloved cybermen? Being a dork has a high price.

I did take a huge amount of photos while I was there, and here are a selection of the best – enjoy!