Set sail for fail with the fail whale!

Set sail for fail with the fail whale!

I have become a huge fan of Twitter in a short space of time. I lurk about as urbanimal (feel free to say hi!)

It’s fun, it helps me keep in touch with my friends, news gets passed around quickly and when I feel on-edge/depressed, it gives me a quick way to express myself without having to break open Live Journal, or my fragile sanity.

However, I am disappointed to see that companies are encouraging my fellow twitterers to post viral ads for their crappy products – currently in my “trending topics” list, three of the topics are advertising campaigns. If I wanted to be bombarded with advertising, I’d watch commercial television or start using MyFaceSpace again.

On a related note, five of my followers are just adverts in disguise. A few others are only following me because I have manic depression. It’s pathetic!

Twitter is supposed to be about individuals, about expression, about shouting into the wind and perhaps being heard – not about mass-marketing to people who just aren’t interested.

I have taken the decision to unfollow people, even real-life friends, if they use their tweets to market a company.

I don’t want to hear what a company has to say.

I want to hear what you, the individual, has to say.