Dance to a different beat.

I see the world through many filters.

The Domestic Goat is often perceived as decedent, devious and distrustful – and nothing could be further from the truth.

For me, these traits are just misinterpretations of Goat’s true nature. Goat isn’t a lust-filled, greedy being – instead sie in touch with the real world and makes the most of what sie has been gifted. A lot of “spiritual” people neglect the sacredness of the world around them. Goat teaches us to embrace the physical world, and celebrate it as part of the divine.

They do have a destructive tendancy, but are surprisingly fussy and delicate when cared for properly. Goats will not eat just anything! They teach us about moderation, and about seeking the diamond in the rough.

The Domestic Goat is a spectacular yet under-appreciated animal. Goats are joyful, playful and friendly allies and can share with us a passion for the good things in life.