Badger, badger, badger!

Badger, badger, badger!

Scottish Badgers work to preserve Scotland’s badgers, their setts and their habitats, but their valuable work is under threat due to shortages in funding.

To help raise some funds, I am hoping to sell a load of my artwork.

From Wednesday 1st July to Wednesday 8th July, you can make me an offer for any piece of my work that is for sale. Once postage costs and paypal fees have been taken off your payment, the rest of what you give will be donated to Scottish Badgers.

My work for sale can be found here. I will *possibly* consider taking commissions during this time, but I cannot guarantee this.

Thank you for your help! And please feel free to pass this link around.

Leave a message here, or e-mail me at

Edit: there are lots of drawings that don’t feature in my For Sale gallery, they can be accessed here. If something takes your fancy, let me know and I’ll see if it is in a condition for sale.