Sadie (right) and her youngest daughter Mindy (left)

Sadie (right) and her youngest daughter Mindy (left)

I’ve been sponsoring Sadie, a pygmy goat resident at my local community farm, since February. I like goats, and I wanted to give something back to the animals that inspire my artwork.

There are many goats at Knowetop, but I instantly took a shine to Sadie. She was very mellow, and was quite content to spend time with you. She was just a very chilled goat.

Yesterday afternoon my best mate and I went up to visit her, but she wasn’t in any of the goat pens. The volunteers told me that on Thursday she passed away. Sadie was out in the field with the others, and suffered a massive stroke. She was elderly, and she didn’t die after a long illness. You have to be happy about the small mercies I suppose.

I’m really going to miss her.