Nanny State

Nanny State

After 16.5 hours and a lot of blood, sweat & ink, I have completed the first of four pieces for my exhibition.

This is “Nanny State”. She started life back in 2007 as a portrait called “Army Goat”, which I destroyed during one of my bouts of depression. This reborn version represents the qualities I admire in Goat as a totem – Goat is determined, headstrong and full of joy, even in the face of hardship.

Coloured pencils, watercolour pencils and fineliners on 51x36cm bristol board.

The original will be available for sale, but I have still to set a price. Prints will be available in a few weeks, once I take her to be scanned. You can pre-order a print now, if you would like to take advantage of my free postage offer.