Well, it has been a while since I’ve shared a bit about me here!

Last night, my partner and I attended our first local wrestling event. We’re both fans of WWE and TNA, but we wanted to see what the local scene was like.

I can tell you, it was amazing! The performers were from Premier British Wrestling, and they put on a great show for us.

Most of the crowd was dour-faced mothers and hyperactive children. But we bumped into my aunt who is a pantomime fan and Queen of the Hecklers, and were near some guys around my age who were serious wrestling fans with a sense of humour, and offered up their own sarcastic commentary.

The wrestlers themselves were bloody good. Their physical and acting skills were impressive, and they were great at interacting with the crowd (especially the villains). I’ve developed soft-spots for High Energy, Wolfgang, and local boy The Butcher.

I am so ready to go back, though my throat is killing me from all the shouting I did. Whoop!