And so the wheel of the year turns on, and right into a blizzard. Here in the UK, we are experiencing the cold like never before (at least in my lifetime!).  The snow is beautiful, but we’re in our third week and it has transformed to slush (which is icky) and ice (which is dangerous).

I’m slowly and surely working on my first big project of the year.

Grey Wolf - sketch stage

I started this 2 days ago, and have only just sketched out the work *just right*. It has been really slow going, due to my health being so poor. I hope to have hir inked over the weekend, and coloured by the start of February. Sooner, if the cold eases up and allows my joints to work.

This piece is on A2 recycled cartridge paper, but the finished drawing itself will be smaller due to the borders I’ll draw in. It’ll be coloured in my usual style, with the fern motif. I’m seeing slivers and blues.

There is a difference in this piece, but I’m not sure if anyone else would pick up on it. My drawings before were all done because I was pinged by the animal’s energy and tapped into it for inspiration. This time around, I haven’t felt anything from Grey Wolf. So instead, this is a gift to hir. I hope sie likes it, and the background meditative work I am doing to work with hir.

I hope you have all had a great start to the year, and that it may continue.