Ms. Saanen 5“By being animal, one understands what it is to be human”

The world is full of people, moving through their lives and sharing their stories with those who will listen. In the cries of birds, the scurrying of animals, the growth of trees and the movement of the wind there are stories abound – if only we stop long enough to acknowledge the voices of those who are other-than-human.

I am an atheistic animist, with interests in Mongolian and contemporary shamanry, neo-pagan totemism and druidry. Animal illustration is my primary passion. I am inspired by the lives and tales of animals, both real and otherworldly, and do my best to understand their energies before incorporating them into my art work.

I graduated from the  Glasgow School of Art in 2005 with a BA(Hons) in Environmental Art. Since that time I have enriched my practice by teaching myself to work with other media.  I work with a variety of materials – watercolours, inks, pencils, acrylics and recycled items. My practice is informed by my first and second-hand experiences of mental health issues, my relationship with my local land & hir inhabitants, my work as a volunteer with my local park ranger service and by my current studies – a BA/BSc(Hons) in Environmental Studies.

I hope my passion for the animal kingdom, for  the  beautiful, the terrible and the absurd that lies within it, shines through.