18th July 2010

2ist July 2010

22nd July 2010

1st August 2010

"Wolf's Child" © July 2010

The first four doodles are from my sketchbook. Years ago (that would be between 5-10 years ago), I used to devoutly keep sketchbooks. I’d store drawings at all stages of completion, flowers, articles, poems and so on that I found to be beautiful. My time studying at art school destroyed that habit, but I want to try again.

The final drawing was the piece I mentioned last week, and I am unhappy with it. The colouring is rotten no matter how hard I tried to replicate the reference photo. I usually don’t share work I am not proud of, but I figure I need to share my mistakes or I won’t learn from them. It won’t be making it to my DeviantArt page.