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White Rhino - Rough sketch

White Rhino - Starting to ink

White Rhino - some more inking

White Rhino - inking is almost done


ACEO - The Murder of Crow

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ACEO European Badger

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ACEO The Golden Fox

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So why ACEOs?

I am not as productive as I would like to be, so I thought regularly working on smaller portraits would help me build up my confidence and skill. They are also really fun to draw!

18th July 2010

2ist July 2010

22nd July 2010

1st August 2010

"Wolf's Child" © July 2010

The first four doodles are from my sketchbook. Years ago (that would be between 5-10 years ago), I used to devoutly keep sketchbooks. I’d store drawings at all stages of completion, flowers, articles, poems and so on that I found to be beautiful. My time studying at art school destroyed that habit, but I want to try again.

The final drawing was the piece I mentioned last week, and I am unhappy with it. The colouring is rotten no matter how hard I tried to replicate the reference photo. I usually don’t share work I am not proud of, but I figure I need to share my mistakes or I won’t learn from them. It won’t be making it to my DeviantArt page.

I am going to try and update every Wednesday. Even if I don’t have any finished work to show, I do have drawings in my sketchbooks and works in progress I can share.

I do like self portraits. I lack confidence when it comes to drawing human subjects, but I don’t have to worry about offending myself with an unflattering portrait. 🙂 Sharing this portrait with me is the wolf pelt which I have written about in my animism/spiritual blog. I’m not sure when I will finish this piece. My wrists are really painful today, and I had to force myself to get this far.