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Hi folks,

I’ve decided to take a break from art blogging for a while. It stresses me out and makes be feel guilty when I haven’t created anything to share. I also want to focus on my two other blogging projects.

I update my DeviantArt account whenever I’ve created something, so you can follow me there. I can be found at

My two other blogging projects are An Urban Animist: a record of my attempts to live simply, ethically and spiritually and The Brucehill Cliffs: a project on a local patch of land managed for wildflowers and butterflies.

I’ll see you all later!


Wildcat and Grass Snake © July 2010

My long-overdue half of an art trade with Raya Wolfsun. She has an affinity with cats and snakes, so I opted to draw two species native to the UK.

Fineliners and coloured pencils on A4 bristol board.

Hispaniolan Solenodon © June 2010

Hispaniolan Solenodon (photograph) © June 2010

A portrait of a Hispaniolan Solenodon, an adorable but rare critter which has recently been caught on film .

Fineliners, coloured pencils and metallic inks on A4 bristol board.

For sale: £35 (plus postage).

The Golden Fox

The Golden Fox © May 2010

The Golden Fox (photograph)

The Golden Fox (photograph) © May 2010

A portrait of a Red Fox I found dead last weekend.

Fineliners and coloured pencils on A4 bristol board.

For sale: £35 (plus postage).

The Murder of Crow © April 2010

The Murder of Crow (photograph) © April 2010

A portrait of a carrion crow, specifically the carrion crow I saved earlier in the week which was murdered by our national animal welfare charity. You can read more about the story so far by going here: [link]

Fineliners and coloured pencils on A4 canson illustration paper.

For sale: £35 (plus postage). The money will go to Corvid Aid: [link]

Not a mushroom in sight!Today I am asking you to lend a paw.

Scottish Badgers is a charity very dear to my heart. The European Badger is a firm favourite of British wildlife fans, yet due to traffic accidents, snaring, baiting and misinformation about them spreading TB to cattle, they are regularly under threat.

Scottish Badgers works hard to protect the Badger from the threats we present by:

  • being politically active, and keeping on top of laws that may help/hinder the badger population
  • surveying across Scotland, to discover and monitor badger populations
  • by assisting the police and Scottish SPCA in investigations involving crimes against badgers
  • by educating the public on the wonder of Scotland’s largest apex predator

My love affair with the badger began two winters ago. I am a volunteer with my local park ranger service, and we were due to conduct a survey. However our plans were interrupted as the the team surveying the night before came across a sett that had been dug down and used for badger baiting.

That really got to me. I couldn’t understand how anybody could do such a thing.

From that point, I have done my best to actively support the work of Scottish Badgers.

And now I need you to help out!

On Sunday 9th of May, I will be taking part in the Glasgow Women’s 10 K Run … while dressed as a badger. And I am looking for people like you to sponsor me!

If you would like to support me, and Scottish Badgers there are three ways to help:

1) You can go to the Charity Choice website and donate directly to Scottish Badgers.(Please message me to let me know you’ve done this!)

2) You can ask for my paypal address and donate. After the run, I’ll write a cheque for the full amount.

3) You can share this link around and spread the word!

* * *

Donations so far:

Total Paid: £170 ♥

Total Pledged (payment pending): £67

Grand Total: £237

Scan of the portrait.

Photograph of the portrait

Commission for my friend Del, of , of her dog Fatty, who has sadly passed on.

Fineliners and coloured pencils on A4 Canson illustration paper.

I had to share both the scan and the photograph of this portrait, as neither showed the true colours and details of the work.